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Ascension College Counseling offers college admission counseling to students and parents in order to find the college or university with the best academic, social, and environmental match for the student’s career and lifelong goals. ACC provides counseling, support, knowledge, resources, and additional help throughout the college admission process, including college list development, application completion and crafting essays


Just as no two students are identical, neither are any two colleges. ACC’s goal is to help each student find colleges that “match” best. With that in mind, ACC creates an environment that coordinates and organizes the college application process, one where students and parents actively engage to help find great colleges. From the moment a student walks on to a high school campus, to the moment they leave after graduation, our goal is to walk alongside students (and laugh!) as they step through their college search journey. 


Services include: crafting a college list, conducting research, assessment, and selection, identifying standardized testing goals, coordinating the development of a resume, providing samples, and assisting with included content and grammar, creating an individualized application strategy and timelines, coordinating interview preparation and coaching, proofreading application materials, brainstorming for essay ideas and drawing out a student’s creativity and interests, financial aid eligibility, grant opportunities and advisement, guiding the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and other aid forms, identifying potential merit scholarship opportunities, high school course selection and progress, high school summer enrichment opportunity guidance.

Work Desk

Stephanie Baker

Founder and Principal Counselor

Keyboard Closeup

Alex B.

Essay Review

A stickler for grammatical accuracy, Alex helps guide students through essay editing and punctuation. 

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